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When deciding which local business to work with, many consumers go online and look at review websites. This is as true with car dealerships as it is with any butcher, baker or candlestick maker. But those reviews are only helpful if they provide a full picture – which is why, when it comes to dealerships, people should be asked to review how auto warranty claims are handled.

Automotive News, a dealership trade publication, published an article this week saying they are concerned about sites that allow people to review dealerships, but do not specifically ask people to rate their auto warranty response service.

Because the question is not specifically asked, only about 3.9% of reviews mention anything about auto warranties at all. This means that consumers are not getting as much information as they should when deciding which dealership to visit.

The publication believes sites that let people review dealerships should specifically ask about auto warranty service. And we think they are right. While people might not think to mention it on their own, prompting them during the review process would encourage them to do so.

That would be a great benefit to consumers, and we hope it becomes standard industry practice soon.

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