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Nothing is worse for your driving record than DUI charges and convictions. But if you live in Alberta and have recently been charged with driving under the influence, you now get the chance to have the charges dropped and removed from your driving record.

This opportunity is only valid if the DUI charge was the result of a breathalyzer test. It turns out the company that supplies and maintains the machines that administer and process the tests have not kept track of their maintenance records.

Because of that, the Canadian Supreme Court has ruled that their results cannot be considered legally accurate. Therefore, police have been asked to drop charges based on them – and have them removed from a person’s driving record if the driver requests it.

In general, when that happens, a driving-while-impaired charge will be put on your record instead. That is a much lower charge, and is simply based on the observations of a police officer. It will not harm your record the way a DUI charge will.

Therefore, if you’ve been hit with a DUI in Alberta lately, now is the time to request that it be taken off your driving record.

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