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Volkswagen and Amazon are partnering to provide test drives of VW’s new Atlas crossover. The offer is open to Amazon Prime subscribers living in Los Angeles and Chicago, but only between September 22nd through 24th and the 29th through October 1st.

The collaboration is intended to show off Amazon’s Prime Now option. The online retailer’s fastest delivery service guarantees that your purchase will arrive in two hours or less. For the Atlas test drive, users can log on to Amazon, schedule a time and location of their choosing, and so long as it is within a designated service area, a top-of-the-line Atlas SEL Premium will be delivered for up to an hour-long test drive.

“We continue to innovate new ways to give time back to customers through our ultra-fast delivery service.” said Stephenie Landry, vice president of Amazon Prime Now worldwide. VW will encourage users to review both the Atlas and the delivered test drive experience.

Starting at $48,490, the Atlas SEL Premium comes with a 276hp V6 that drives all four wheels. It fits seven passengers in three rows, and a panoramic sunroof covers nearly all of the cabin. Safety features include automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, rear traffic alerts, active lane keeping assist, and a parking assist that helps maneuver the vehicle into tight spaces.

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