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Vehicle recalls have been up dramatically in America over the past few years. But at the same time, the number of consumers who have actually taken their vehicles into a dealership to have the recall problem fixed has remained low. Now automakers are pushing hard to solve that problem.

The reason why automakers are taking vehicle recall compliance so seriously is that if the percentage of people who bring in their vehicles to have the problem addressed is low, an automaker can get in serious trouble. For example, Fiat Chrysler was forced to pay a $105 million fine when its recall compliance rate fell too low.

Currently, the recall compliance rate in America stands at between 15 and 75 percent, depending on the vehicle involved. Generally the newer and more expensive the vehicle, the more likely owners are to comply with the recall; the older and less upscale the car, the lower the compliance rate.

Because automakers have figured out that simply sending notices about vehicle recalls isn’t enough, in the past few months they have tried the following tactics.

• Giving their employees handfuls of recall stickers to carry with them at all times. If they see a vehicle model parked anywhere that has been recalled, they are told to slap the sticker on the windshield.
• Putting up giant ads on scoreboards during major football games advising people of vehicles under recall.
• Hiring private detectives to track down the owners of cars under recall, and hand them the recall notice in person.

Still ,you probably shouldn’t just wait around to see if your vehicle has been subject to recall. You can simply go to our free vehicle recall check page to search your make and model and find out for yourself.


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