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Every manufacturer offers a different type of new car warranty. For some consumers, this is no big deal. But for others, the length and terms of the auto warranty are major factors in choosing which car they buy.

This is because they want the security of knowing that for a long time, if something goes wrong with the vehicle, they won’t have to pay a dime – because repairs will be covered under the auto warranty.

Which brings us to the question – which car sold in America has the longest built-in manufacturer-offered auto warranty?

The winner is the 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid!

When bought new, it comes with not only a 100,000-mile, 10-year warranty on the car itself. It also comes with a lifetime warranty on the battery pack! And that warranty is transferable to anyone you sell the car to.

This is far longer than the traditional 50,000-mile, five-year warranty traditionally offered by automakers.

The question now is whether or not other companies will be pressured into extending the life of their auto warranties to compete.

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Vin Lookup

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