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On Monday, a motorist driving the wrong way on a highway caused the fiery deaths of four people. While it is known that the driver had a history of motor vehicle charges, what exactly is in his driving records is unknown because the problems happened before he was 18.

We believe that the public has the right to know just how bad his driving records were, and the law sealing them should be changed.

After watching the Final Four at a bar Monday, the 26-year-old was driving on the wrong side of the road on I-80 when he crashed head-on into a police car carrying two cops and a prisoner. His car then burst into flames, killing everyone involved.

The fire was so bad the driver had to be identified through dental records.

It has since been reported that the driver was charged twice when he was 17 for driving when his license was suspended or revoked. But what charges led to his license being pulled are unknown because of the juvenile seal law.

That seems wrong to us. The entire point of making driver records public is so people can decide if someone they are riding with is a safe driver or not. In the case of this young man, they would not have been able to make an informed decision.

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