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Do you have a good driving record? If so, you may want to contact Google – which is looking to hire people to… not drive their cars.


The tech giant has spent the past few years developing self-driving cars, because they think this technology is the wave of the future. Now that they have many prototypes built, they need to test them.

So they are looking to hire people to sit in the cars on test drives – and be able to take over should the cars malfunction. The job is a full-time contract position for 12 to 24 months.

Google says you would be in one of the self-driving cars roughly six to eight hours a day, and you’d have to work out of their main office. This is considered a pretty plumb job, because full-time positions at respected tech companies like Google are hard to find.

They do specify that they will only accept applicants with spotless driving records. If that’s you, and you want to become part of the future and gain experience working for Google, then you should seriously think about applying – because this could be one of the coolest job openings in 2016!

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