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Dubai-based Jannarelly has revealed it is considering an electric version of its Design-1 retro sports car.

To be called the Design-X1, Jannarelly on Tuesday released a series of computer-generated images of the proposed electric speedster.

The images show what is essentially the Design-1 minus the exhaust tips normally found in the rear fascia. There’s also the new fin located on the Design-1’s optional cowl behind the driver’s seat.

No other details have been released but Jannarelly has a poll on its website seeking feedback on whether or not the Design-X1 is a good thing. With sufficient range, we think it would make a fun zero-emission track car. Just think what an electric motor’s instantaneous torque could do for this lightweight speedster.

It was only two years ago that Jannarelly burst onto the scene with the Design-1. The company has since started deliveries of the 304-horsepower, V-6-powered sports car and has managed to sign up an importer in the United States.


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