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A rearview camera system installed on nearly a quarter of a million Honda sedans might not do what it’s supposed to—and so the automaker is recalling them.

The recall applies to 2018 Honda Accord sedans and 2019 Honda Insight hybrid sedans. Both models offer the rearview camera system as standard equipment; but the feature is different across versions of the vehicles (screen size, for instance), so not every trim level is subject to the recall. As part of the issue, the faulty rearview camera systems may not display at all, and navigation and infotainment features, the head-up display, and even the Bluetooth system may fail to operate correctly.

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Honda said in government filings that it was first alerted to the issue in November of 2017, when four Accord owners brought their vehicles to dealers for warranty work over rearview cameras that failed to activate. After watching for other vehicles with faulty rearview cameras, Panasonic, the automotive supplier that built the system for Honda, was able to duplicate the issue in April. Panasonic delivered a fix to Honda in July and the automaker approved the software update in August.

The automaker said it is not aware of any crashes or injuries related to the faulty system.

Because rearview camera systems are mandatory on cars built after May of 2018 for sale in the U.S., the recall falls under federal vehicle-safety (NHTSA) purview.


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