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Starting in May 2016, Hyundai will start a vehicle recall affecting over 32,000 of their cars, the company announced this week.

The recalls will affect the Santa Fe Sport model manufactured between September 2015 and February of this year.

The company said they had learned that if a driver adjusts the height of the seat in certain ways, it blocks wiring that notifies you if you have not buckled your seat belt. Although this had not led to any injuries or deaths, it does mean the cars are not compliant with national safety standards.

The recall will not begin until May, because Hyundai needs time to get the necessary parts to dealerships before they can repair the problem. In the meantime, they advise drivers to make sure that their seat belts are fastened.

When you get your recall notice, your dealership will fix the problem for free. If you own a new Santa Fe Sport and do not receive a recall notice in May, the company advises you to contact your dealership and schedule an appointment to have your car checked out. You do not need to have a physical copy of the recall notice to have the issue fixed free of charge.

If you are wondering if the car you own or are thinking of buying has been subject to a recall, you can search our auto recall database for free.


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