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If your car is subject to a vehicle recall, you want to get the matter addressed as quickly as possible. But many people ignore vehicle recalls – and JD Power & Associates think they have figured out why.

To put it simply, many dealerships are crappy at service when it comes to vehicle recalls.

You shouldn’t put up with that.

After doing a customer service survey, the automotive industry organization discovered that when recall work was done, dealerships have an overall satisfaction rate of 781 out of a thousand. That compares to an average satisfaction score of 809 for other types of service.

Customers said the most common problems were the car not coming back clean, and all of their settings having been changed. This is bad, because it makes people less likely to respond to future recalls on their vehicle.

What consumers need to learn is that they don’t have to accept this. Dealerships are required by the manufacturer to provide the same level of service on recall work as they do on any other repair.

Therefore, if you bring your car in due to a vehicle recall and it’s not treated as well as you’d like, you have the right to stand up for yourself and insist they clean the car and restore your settings.

If you want to find out if your car has been subject to recall, you can check out our free vehicle recall search service.


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Vin Lookup

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