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When you want to shop for a car or truck, vehicle value is very important. You may want to sell it one day, and the more value it has at the time of sale the better. This is why many people today are discussing Kelley Blue Book’s announcement of the 2016 List of Vehicles with the Highest Resale Value.

Of course, the true value of a vehicle varies from person to person. Still, looking at the resale value of a vehicle can help you decide if a given car or truck is a good investment or not.

Because many payment programs are based on a three-year purchase plan, the vehicle value list is based on what you might be able to get for the car or truck after 36 months.

Here is the their list of the top five vehicles likely to keep their resale value over time.

• Toyota Tacoma. This truck is estimated to keep 72.9 percent of its retail value over 36 months.
• Toyota 4Runner. This truck is estimated to keep 66.7 percent of its value over 36 months.
• GMC Canyon. Another truck on the list, this vehicle is estimated to keep 70.7 percent of its value over 36 months.
• Chevy Colorado. Kelley Blue Book estimates it will keep an even 70 percent of its value over 36 months.
• Jeep Wrangler. Rounding out the top five, this classic favorite should retain 65.6 percent of its value over 36 months.

Experts quoted in various news sources said they were not surprised that every vehicle in the top five was a truck, because they are generally built to withstand more long-term wear and tear than traditional cars. This gives them more overall vehicle value over time.


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