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Large-Scale Subaru Recalls Over Safety Issues

On Thursday, Subaru announced that it was recalling more than 48,000 vehicles in the United States because of a dangerous steering problem issue.

The vehicle recall affects Outback and Legacy models made between 2015 and the present. This could be a major hit for Subaru, because the Outback is their second-highest selling vehicle model.

The company said that the steering wheels in the vehicles were incorrectly manufactured in such a way that could stop affecting how the vehicle turns. Because of this, Subaru is asking people to call their dealership and have the vehicles towed there for the recall problem to be fixed.

The recall notice says that under no circumstances should consumers drive the vehicle while there is a still a danger that the steering wheel will simply stop working.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has posted additional details about the Subaru recall.

After the vehicle has been towed to the dealership, they will fix the steering wheel at no cost to the owner.

Subaru said it was not aware of any accidents or deaths related to the problem yet.

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