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Just an hour after hustling its first passengers around downtown Las Vegas, an experimental self-driving shuttle was hit by a truck Wednesday.

The service launched Wednesday morning, but by noon, it “collided with a semi-truck” near Las Vegas’ Fremont Street entertainment district, reported KSNV.

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The semi-truck driver is said to have driven into the shuttle. Las Vegas police say that the passengers aboard the driverless shuttle were not injured, although the shuttle itself sustained some light damage to its driver’s side (well, what we’d normally call the driver’s side) front bumper.

Photos posted to Twitter by the Las Vegas Review-Journal show the blue shuttle near a white semi-truck.

The French-built vehicle is capable of seating up to a dozen passengers including an attendant who can manually override its systems if necessary. The boxy shuttle does not have a steering wheel or a brake pedal. Limited to 28 mph, the shuttle isn’t designed to set any speed records. Instead, it was designed to provide self-driving vehicle data to both AAA and Nevada’s transportation department.


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