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Whether you buy a new or used car, you need to get an auto warranty. Otherwise, if your car has problems, you could end up spending a fortune getting it fixed.

Most people know this, and make sure they have a warranty. But what they don’t realize is how easy it can be to void these warranties.

And one of the most common ways is choosing the wrong type of gas!

When you get a warranty, you need to read the fine print. Very often it will say that if you don’t use premium gasoline, your warranty will become null and void – and you will then have to pay yourself for any repairs, even if they have nothing to do with the gas line.

Not all warranties have this caveat, but enough of them do to make it a problem. And you can’t simply pretend you’ve been buying expensive gasoline. Certain engine problems can only be caused by using lower-octane fuel, so your dealership will know if you’ve been cheating.

While it’s true that premium gas will cost you a few extra bucks every time you fill up your car, that’s better than being on the hook for hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repair costs if you manage to violate the terms of your auto warranty!

Bottom line – find out what kind of gas is required by the terms of your warranty, and make sure you use it.

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Free Vin Lookup

Vin Lookup

The Vehicle Identification Number is located in many different places on a car. It is very common to appear on the dashboard and/or in the drivers side door sticker. You can do a free VIN look up to check vehicle problems on the button above.