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For more than a year now, it has be obvious that Volkswagen is going to have to recall most if not all of their diesel vehicles in America. Those recalls were expected to start this week, but now it looks like customers could be waiting a lot longer.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Volkswagen is unlikely to meet the March 24 deadline for the start of the vehicle recall. That’s because they are still negotiating with the government about what the recall will entail, and how it will be handled.

Luckily, the problem with the cars doesn’t affect how safe they are to drive. However, waiting for a recall does tie the hands of consumers – particularly those thinking about selling their vehicles, because many people won’t buy a car that is going to have to be brought back to the dealership soon.

The problem started over a year ago, when it came out that the cars had software installed that caused them to give out false readings during emissions tests. These false emissions test results made consumers think the cars were more environmentally friendly than they actually are.

Now that the cars will fail inspection, the company needs to fix the problem. But because the issue has been tied up in the court system, they need the government to approve their proposed fix first.

As of today, it is unclear when that will happen – and as the newspaper reported, the recall plan appears to be “stuck in first gear.”

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