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New Jersey just added to the list of reasons why it’s important that you have a clean and accurate driving record – because if you don’t do so, you may never be able to own a gun to protect yourself.

A Perth Amboy, NJ man, Rahman Idlett, recently applied for a gun permit and was turned down by a judge because his driving records were in such bad shape, according to media reports about his driving records.

Idlett has not only been in two accidents but also has 16 speeding tickets, two careless driving tickets, three tickets for either obstructing the passage of other vehicles or delaying traffic, one ticket for failing to observe a traffic signal, four tickets for either unsafe or improper driving, four tickets for driving on the suspended list, two tickets for driving without a license, and one ticket for driving with a false license plate.

Overall, his license has been suspended 15 time in 15 years.

When he applied for his gun permit, a judge ruled that his driving record was such that it seemed like a bad idea to trust him with a deadly weapon. Idlett, acting as his own attorney, appealed the decision but lost his case in the appellate court.

What this goes to show is that you need to keep an eye on your driving records. Remember, there could be mistakes in them due to clerical errors or identity theft. That means you could lose a basic right like gun ownership if you don’t make sure your driving records are as accurate as possible.

Negative information on your driving records can also make it difficult to get a job or promotion, and force you to pay higher insurance rates.

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