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Forbes Magazine just issued a troubling report saying that the number of cars in America subject to unaddressed recall in on the rise – and getting very close to 20 percent of all vehicles in America.

All in all, according to Forbes, roughly 37 million cars are on the road that have been recalled but not had the issue fixed. That represents roughly 18% of cars being driven in America today. It is also a staggering increase of one million cars from a year ago.

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is even worse. The agency estimates that one-quarter of all cars that should have been brought to the dealership to have a recall issue fixed have never been repaired.

Officials say the problem is that many people have no idea their vehicle has been subject to recall. In many other cases, consumers know about the car recall but don’t think that it’s worth the time and effort to bring the vehicle to the dealership to have the recall fixed – even though they can do so free of charge.

This is disturbing. Many recalls are for problems that can turn deadly. For example, millions of cars have been recalled in the last year because of air bags that can kill a passenger. Millions of cars made by General Motors have been recalled because of ignition problems that have led to death.

Forbes said that the most commonly recalled vehicles are SUVs and minivans. Texas, Mississippi, Alaska, Utah and West Virginia are the states with the highest percentage of vehicles under recall.

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