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If long-term vehicle value is an important part of why you choose a car, you might want to stay away from electric and hybrid vehicles, which have been shown to lose their residual value very quickly, experts said.

The problem is the value of an electric or hybrid vehicle varies with the price of gas. A year or so ago, when gas prices were high, the value of an electric or hybrid vehicle was as well. Now that gas prices have normalized, hybrid and electric vehicles have lost much of their value.

According to Kelly Blue Book, an electric or hybrid vehicle will only be worth about 29.5 percent of its original value after 36 months. Some standard gasoline-powered vehicles can retain 60 percent or more of their original value over the same time period.

Overall, electric and hybrid vehicles lose between 25 and 35 percent of their original value per year. Traditional cars lose an average of 16.5 percent a year.

The good news for people who want to get value from an electric or hybrid vehicle is that if they buy a used one, they can get a great deal. The bad news, of course, is for value shoppers who bought electric or hybrid vehicles used.

To find out how much your car may be worth, you can always visit or free vehicle value calculator.


Free Vin Lookup

Vin Lookup

The Vehicle Identification Number is located in many different places on a car. It is very common to appear on the dashboard and/or in the drivers side door sticker. You can do a free VIN look up to check vehicle problems on the button above.