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There are two things that most people can’t live without – their car and their smart phone. Knowing this, many automakers have started designing cars to work with your smart phone. What many people don’t realize, however, is that this is dangerous, because it could cause their car warranty to become null and void.

Over the past few years, one of the major breakthroughs in new cars are features that allow you to interact with your car via your phone. You may be able to unlock the doors, start the car, monitor your gas mileage, or do any number of things by letting your phone connect to the computer system of your new car.

That’s great – but there is one problem that consumers are not aware of.

If you don’t use your phone with your car in ways that are approved by the manufacturer, then it will often void your auto warranty, leaving you on the hook for a lot of money if you need a repair down the line.

What kinds of things can cause your car warrant to be voided? Here’s a list of the most common mistakes you can make that can put you at risk.

• Using a smart phone that has been jail broken. Many people alter their phone in ways not approved by the original manufacturer so they can have more features. But if you do so and then use the phone with your car, it will generally void the warranty.
• Not updating to the latest phone operating system. Because these updates generally increase security, not installing them and then using the phone with the car will cause your warranty to go up in flames.
• Using apps that are not approved by the car manufacturer. In general, you can only use apps provided by the auto manufacturer to interact with your phone. If you install a third-party app to connect your phone to your car, your warranty is dust.

These are all problems you should be able to avoid. So keep them in mind and don’t accidentally cancel your car warranty.

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