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Volvo may make used cars available through its Care by Volvo monthly subscription plan, the head of the automaker’s North American division said Tuesday.

Anders Gustafsson, chief executive for Volvo in the U.S., told CNET that it could make cars in its certified pre-owned program available via subscription. Ultimately, that could mean two subscription lives for Volvo’s vehicles—one when they are new, and again at a lower price after a few years.

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Gustafsson did not say how a subscription plan for used Volvos would compare to the Care by Volvo program offered on its new cars. Care by Volvo bundles into one monthly payment the cost of the vehicle, insurance, and maintenance. A concierge service included with the program means that subscribers could mostly bypass Volvo dealers.

The two-year program lets buyers swap into a different vehicle after one year, although such a move resets the clock for two more years.  

The Care by Volvo service launched earlier this year with the automaker’s XC40 crossover SUV and means subscription cars are too new to have been through Volvo’s certified pre-owned program. 

Gustafsson said that demand exceeded the automaker’s expectations for XC40 subscriptions.

“If you order a Care by Volvo XC40 today, you’re going to get your car next year,” he told CNET.


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